Hi there! Founders and sisters, Krisha & Allie here! We created I AM as a hope to help women feel more confident and comfortable with who they are…-inside & out.

The name I am was inspired by the power of positive affirmations.

Our goal is to help woman realize that there is no bar they have to hit , thing they have to do, or look they have to achieve to be loved or accepted. Society has created an unattainable standard for women and we are here to break that. We need to embrace what makes us unique. Our message is simple, stop being mean to yourself and start being kind. Love yourself for who you are. Give yourself grace. Know your beauty- inside & out. After all, your body loves you, so love it back.

We want you to wear each piece of clothing with pride & confidence in yourself. Let’s take this step together to start being a little nicer and graceful to ourselves each & every day.

“I am,

….. you fill in the blank.

  • allie

    hi im allie! i grew up in north dakota but have been loving living in utah the past few years! im married to my bff and we have the sweetest baby boy who we are obsessed with! i love being a mama and also have my own aesthetic buisiness on the side. growing up i have always struggled with being hard on myself & always felt like i wasnt good enough. for this reason in am so passionate about I AM and i just want women to be happy and comfortable with themselves- inside & out! thanks for being here with me and krisha on our new exciting journey!

  • krisha

    hiii, my name is krisha burt! i am 22 years old, happily married for almost 4 years and have two beautiful baby girls. I love being a stay at home mom to my girls and am so excited to add this new adventure into my life! me and my little family are so thankful for you all and the love and support you are showing us. I am so grateful and can’t wait to show you all the amazing clothing we have come up with!!